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Overseas Floating Bitumen Prices, FOB

September 2015

Overseas Floating Bitumen Prices, FOB

Monthly Iranian Crude Oil Prices

September 2015 - US$ per Barrel, Based on NIOC

  • Region
  • North West Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • SidiKerir
  • SouthAfrica
  • Asia

Global Commodity Prices

Oct 7th, 2015

FOB PG Singapore MOPS FOB Korea South China FOB Italy FOB Rotterdam South Pars Qatar
HSFO 180cst 249.53/MT267.7/MT269.7/MT272.5/MT235/MT230.5/MT
HSFO 380cst 240.2/MT259.54/MT260.37/MT264.5/MT
Gasoil 63.1/BBL63.22/BBL62.27/BBL473.75/MT461.75/MT471.75/MT
Naphtha 51.55/BBL51.45/BBL486.38/MT (CFR)429.75/MT452/MT
Kerosene 63.8/BBL63.83/BBL510.5/MT
Gasoline 63.52/BBL62.62/BBL555/MT (A93)511.75/MT512.25/MT
Condensate 49.05/BBL51.2/BBL

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