Nakhle Barani Pardis (Since 1997)

Brief Overview

We “Nakhle Barani Pardis Company

NBP Co. are proud to be a member of “Iran Investment Holding Company”, recognized as a petrochemical industry leader, pioneers of international professional trading.

Our company’s role in this holding is intended to be focused on Trading Petroleum Products, which include a wide array from Far East region, India, Middle East, Central Asia as well as African continents.

Nakhle Barani Pardis” product selection includes the majority of the followings:

  • Asphalt / Bitumen
  • Fuel-Oil
  • Gas Oil
  • Naphtha
  • Condensate
  • LPG
  • Kerosene
  • Urea
  • Amunium
  • Sulfur

Leveraging our vast experience and of course our Parent Holding company, there is an extensive network of suppliers, we are also able to supply other products may be available upon special request.

Our target is to be reliable and competitive in the committed local Iran and International market segments and to support our partners.

Primary Business Objectives of the Company:


  1. Trading of physical products focusing on our customers' needs
  2. Purchase high quality petroleum products from reputable Suppliers
  3. Establish long-term Supplier contracts
  4. Sell high quality petroleum products to Majors
  5. Establish long-term sales agreements with the Majors
  6. Establish long-term relationships and creditability with Suppliers and Buyers based on product quality, delivery performance, service and flexibility
  7. We take a comprehensive approach to hedging and marketing to help our clients achieve their goals and objectives